Glass Biospheres Add Artistic Flare To Amazon’s New Seattle Campus

Amazon Biospheres - Seattle Campus - Our Explorers

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Back in 2013, architecture firm NBBJ revealed their plans for a unique feature to be added to Amazon’s Seattle campus: three biosphere domes that would house plant life.

Recent photos have captured the biospheres under construction and starting to take shape.

Amazon Biospheres - Seattle Campus - Aerial - Our Explorers

In April, workers applied white paint to the westernmost biosphere and began the installation of glass panes on the domes.

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Once complete, the biospheres will stand 100-feet-fall and will provide a unique, artistic flare to Amazon’s brand new 3.3 million square foot complex. In front of the new headquarters are crystal spheres, which are also under construction.

Amazon Biospheres Concept & Design - Night - Our Explorers

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, has criticized workplace perks such as free food that many tech companies have adopted, Google and Facebook being the most notable.

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While perks are great, the unfortunate side is that employees are required to travel a long distance to come to work to begin with. Working to provide work/life balance, Bezos has focused on placing offices in urban locations.

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Employees working at the new Seattle offices will be steps from restaurants, food trucks, and nearby apartments. Bloomberg has reported that once the campus is complete, Amazon will have “10 million square feet of office space in Seattle.”

Amazon Biospheres - Architecture & Construction - Our Explorers

The green biospheres will likely have a completion date of 2017. NBBJ is aiming for a LEED Gold certification once the entire campus project is completed.

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Amazon Biospheres Concept - Design Interior - Our Explorers

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