Baby Chimp Is Orphaned When His Mother Dies. This Dog Adopts Him As One Of Her Own. Amazing

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This is one of those stories that shows just how caring and affectionate “animals” can be, perfectly capable of the same feelings and emotion that we are.

This story starts with a baby orphan chimp who’s mother died at a zoo, with one of the caretakers taking him home for a more intimate living space.

What was completely unpredictable was the relationship the chimp would quickly develop with the caretaker’s dog, the dog taking the chimp under her paw, accepting him as one of her own.

These pictures show just how remarkable their unique, loving relationship really is.

The chimp was instantly drawn to the dog, wanting to be close to her.

Dog With Chimp - PushBuzz

He would lay down and sleep with her.

Dog Sleeping WIth Chimp - PushBuzzHe would eat with the other puppies in the family.

Chimp Eating With Puppies - PushBuzz

Naturally, of course there was cuddling.

Chimp Cuddling Monkey - PushBuzz

Cuddling with his new “brothers and sisters.”

Chimp Cuddling With Puppies - PushBuzz

Her being his new mommy, he would try to feed from her.

Mommy Dog Tries To Feed Chimp - PushBuzz

The chimp was accepted, he became one of their own.

Chimp - A Part Of The Family - PushBuzz

She adopted him, he’s her child.

Chimp Climbing On Dog - PushBuzz

This dog gave the chimp the love he needed. The mother he needed.

Chimp Mommy Dog - PushBuzz

These pictures really do say it all.

Animals certainly have motherly instincts – whether they’re human, dog, or dolphin.

They are absolutely capable of love and will open their hearts to those willing, motherly love as deep as any other.