Baby Elephant Swept Down Powerful River, Incredible Video Footage

[the_ad id=”883″]This story takes place in Kenya, where a 6-month-old elephant calf struggles to make it across a powerful river, at risk of being swept away by the current if it wasn’t for his mom’s quick thinking, along with help from the rest of the elephant family.


Baby Elephant Rescued - PushBuzz

The video below was recorded at the Ol Pejeta Conservatory on the Eqaso River, capturing the amazing rescue of the calf, demonstrating how a powerful trunk, determination and a good ol’ push can conquer even the most powerful of currents.

As the baby swam forward, one elephant gave it a push, another pulling, and the rest of the herd stood by to make sure the babies made it to safety.

“Thankfully, mum and her emergency swat team enacted a remarkable rescue,” photographer Sandy Gelderman notes in the video’s description.

“They say elephants can remember. Well, this little calf will remember this advanced swimming lesson for the rest of its life.”

In just a few minutes, the mom brought her little one to the safety of the shore.

Incredible footage.

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