Blind Puppy & Guide Dog Brother Adopted By Family, Remain Inseparable

[the_ad id=”883″]This story begins with a family heading out to the country to pick up their new puppy from a farmer, who’s two healthy Australian Shepherds had a litter.

The family chose their puppy and took their new little blue merle back home, but were shocked to discover that he’s blind!

He was apparently so familiar with his old home that he moved around as if he was able to see. So, the family drove back to the farmer, but it wasn’t to return their puppy.

They adopted his remaining brother.

They thought life would be easier for their blind puppy if he had a friend.. and his own seeing eye dog.

So here they are, Booker and Tiberius, this is their story. And it’s absolutely adorable.

Booker and Tiberius, two Australian Shepherd puppy brothers.

Booker & Tiberius - Australian Shepherd Puppies - PushBuzz

There’s definitely some brotherly love here..

Australian Shepherd Puppy Brothers - PushBuzz

This is Booker. His new family took him home and realized he was blind.

Booker - Australian Shepherd Puppy - PushBuzz

So, they made the trip to adopt Tiberius, his brother.

Tiberius - Australian Shepherd Puppy - PushBuzz

They wanted Booker to have a friend by his side. There’s nothing better than a best friend, a brother.

Australian Shepherd Puppies Cuddle - PushBuzz

The puppies have adjusted quickly to their new home.

Australian Shepherd Puppies Playing - PushBuzz

In fact they’re having so much fun it’s tiresome! They love it.

Australian Shepherd Puppies Sleeping - PushBuzz

Tiberus acts as Booker’s seeing-eye dog everyday. As they get bigger, Booker will learn to guide him through new situations.

Tiberius - Australian Shepherd Puppy - PushBuzz

Though Booker is doing just fine on his own.

Australian Shepherd Blind Puppy - PushBuzz

We’re happy these two are part of the same family.

Australian Shepherd Puppies Car Ride - PushBuzz

The more napping puppies you have, the better.

Australian Shepherd Puppies Napping - PushBuzz

(H/T Reddit)