Robotic Dog Will Do Your Dishes & Fetch Your Beer, Meet SpotMini

Boston Dynamics Robot Dog - SpotMini - Our Explorers

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There’s no doubt that Boston Dynamics would be an exciting place to work, however some of the projects there live on the edge of terrifying. Every couple of months the public gets a glimpse of the latest robotic project engineers are working on, and it’s always incredibly impressive.

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Boston Dynamics’ latest viral video (below) shows off the company’s latest creation, called SpotMini – a quadraped robot that’s roughly the size and weight of a golden retriever. It’s a newer and smaller version of the company’s older robotic dog, unsurprisingly named Spot.

SpotMini is an all-electric robot that doesn’t rely on any hydraulic components, unlike its predecessor. SpotMini is 55lbs, plus another 10 for its detachable, articulated device, which closely resembles the head and neck of a dinosaur.

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The robot is able to interpret its environment through an extensive array of sensors and 3-D depth cameras, allowing it to perform many tasks autonomously, according to its designers.

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In the video, you can see SpotMini navigating through a dining room area, and it can even crouch beneath a table and find its way through to the other side.

In another scene, the robot trots into the kitchen, reaching to the sink, delicately picking up a glass and carefully placing it into the dishwasher. Next, it grabs a can and deposits it into a recycling bin.

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SpotMini is also able to navigate stairs, perform side to side circular movement, and is even able get off the floor after slipping on a bunch of banana peels.

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Recently, Google had announced that they intend to sell Boston Dynamics, however it’s clear that the separation hasn’t impacted any robot development work.

SpotMini is clearly an impressive piece of technology. Be sure to stick through the video all the way to the end, there’s a blooper that will give you a laugh.

(Boston Dynamics)

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