Amazing Cliffside Home Concept Goes Viral, Quickly Becomes A Reality

Cliffside Conceptual Home - Our Explorers

[the_ad id=”883″] The dream is possible: Casa Brutale, the angular cliffside home concept shown off last year is officially being built.

The renderings show the conceptual home carved into the side of a cliff, overlooking Greece’s Aegean Sea. It’s easily just as much a work of art as a home.

The home’s most prominent feature is it’s pool roof with a reinforced glass bottom, flooding the home with sunlight, adding warmth to the cool looking interior.

The design was a viral sensation last year, but like a lot of concepts, few expected the vision to receive the funding it needed to ultimately become a reality.

Cliffside Home Concept - Ocean View - Our Explorers

The house, inspired by the Italian masterpiece Casa Malaparte built in 1937, takes root within the rock rather than being perched on top of a cliff.

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Casa Malaparte - Cliffside Home - Our Explorers

A gorgeous looking concept, Casa Brutale came to life when it was announced and release on the web by the Open Platform for Architecture (OPA).

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Arup, an engineering and construction firm, quickly committed to consulting on the structural and geotechnical challenges of embedding a house within a cliff face. That’s if OPA could find a client to back the project.

Cliffside Home Concept - Interior - Our Explorers

After announcing the design, less than a month later OPA had been contacted by an independent film studio who was interested in filming a documentary surrounding the construction of the home.

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By the end of October, OPA’s dream client was found and the site for Casa Brutale was decided: the edge of a Lebanese mountain, 1,600 meters (5249 feet) in elevation.

Cliffside Home Concept Interior - Ocean View - Our Explorers

The sudden surge of interest was incredibly surprising. Prior to publishing the plans online, OPA had connected with several developers in Greece to build their vision. They were turned down repeatedly because their work was not yet famous.

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Cliffside Home Concept - Ocean View w/ Pool - Our Explorers

Thanks to the virality of publishing the design on the web, the firm received invitations to two exclusive competitions, and their design of the European Commission pavilion won at the 2016 Mobile World Congress.

Cliffside Home Concept - Living Room w/ Ocean View - Our Explorers

A construction timeline for Casa Brutale hasn’t been announced, but once it’s completed, it will be interesting to see how these amazing renderings will translate to real life.

(Open Platform for Architecture)

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