Family Dog Protects Missing Three Year Old, Keeps Him Warm Until Rescuers Arrive

[the_ad id=”883″]Carson Urness, only 3 years old, was reported missing from his family farm, and nearly 200 people quickly aided in the search for the Cooperstown boy.

The community banded together, with neighbours, business owners, and bankers searching by foot, along with their ATVs and horses.

Family Dog Protects Missing Child - PushBuzz

As the night reached the early morning hours, rain began to fall, and police began to send the footwalkers home. There was nothing more they could do.

Just as the search was called off for the night, a volunteer spotted the missing boy.

The child was laying underneath his dog, shielded from the cold, the searcher thought he likely fell asleep there.

The boy was fine except for cold feet, thanks to his dog who kept him warm and safe, quite possibly saving his life.

You couldn’t hope for more in a dog.

Dog Protects Missing Boy - PushBuzz