Family Puts Cob House Inside Geodesic Dome For Sustainable Living

Geodesic Dome Home - Exterior - Our Explorers

[the_ad id=”883″] Nature House is a three-story cob house wrapped in a solar geodesic dome, located on the island of Sandhornøya in northern Norway.

Geodesic Dome Home - Norway - Our Explorers

Created by Benjamin and Ingrid Hjertefølger four years ago, the ultra-green home was designed for the family of six, enabling them to live a sustainable existence despite challenging climatic conditions.

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Geodesic Dome Home - Interior - Our Explorers

They even grow most of their own food.

Geodesic Dome Cob House - Exterior - Our Explorers

“The feeling we get as we walk into this house is something different from walking in to any other house. The atmosphere is unique. The house has a calmness; I can almost hear the stillness.”

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Geodesic Dome Home - Nature - Our Explorers

“It would have been impossible getting this feeling from a house someone else has planned and built…or a house with corners and straight lines.”

Geodesic Dome Home - Winter - Our Explorers

(Nature House)

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