Germany Embraces Change, Requires All Cars To Be Emissions-Free By 2030

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By the year 2030 all new cars registered in Germany will be required to be emissions-free, a senior German government official has announced.

With a target to cut their carbon dioxide output by 80%-95% come 2050, transportation pollution will need to be radically reduced, Deputy Economy Minister Rainer Baake said.

“Fact is there’s been no reduction at all in CO2 emissions by transport since 1990. We don’t have any answers to cut truck emissions right now but we do have answers for cars.”

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One clean and clear solution is the expedited adoption of electric cars, which would significantly impact emission levels, helping to achieve Germany’s commitment to a 40% reduction in emissions before 2020.

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Chancellor Merkel’s government is working with the automotive industry to speed up the adoption of emission-free vehicles this year by providing cash incentives, one of the best solutions that have been proven in other markets such as France, Norway, and China.

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Germany’s Environment Ministry has stated that the cash incentive program will drive 500,000 electric car sales for automakers over the next 4 years alone.

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Presently, electric cars hold just 0.6% of Germany’s automotive market today, however they may capture as much as 8% by 2025.

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The government is planning to push 1 million battery plug-in and hybrid vehicles to the streets by 2020, a number that is forecasted to hit 6 million by 2030.

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As of January this year, only 130,000 hybrids and 25,000 all-electric cars were registered in Germany, in comparison to 30 million gasoline cars and 14.5 million diesels.

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