Glacier Skywalk Suspends Visitors 1,000 Feet On A Platform Of Glass

[the_ad id=”883″]Experiencing nature can be both peaceful and beautiful, and that experience requires little to no technological intervention to absorb the grandeur our natural world can offer.

The architects at Sturgess Architecture had a vision of a new kind of nature-based experience for visitors of the Canadian Rockies, one that would use design and engineering to make brilliant sights accessible to everyone.

Discovery Walk Concept - Glacier Walk - Our Explorers

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The team took first place in a competition to design a new tourist attraction, winning with their idea called Discovery Walk: a sky-high concept that would suspend visitors a thousand feet above the ground on a platform made entirely of glass.


Discovery Walk - Aerial View - Our Explorers

The Discovery Walk concept has now been constructed and is open to the public, offering the perfect balance of breathtaking views, waterfalls, wildlife, fossils and more..

Glacier Skywalk - Alberta, Canada - Our Explorers

..allowing visitors to soak in the Albertan mountain range from an entirely new perspective.

Glacier Skywalk - Glass Walkway - Our Explorers

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The Glacier Skywalk was designed as an extension of the landscape, beginning with a cliff-edge walkway that extends along the Sunwapta Valley within the Columbian Icefields in Alberta, Canada.

Glacier Skywalk - Glass Platform - Our Explorers

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The observation platform jets outward from the rugged mountainside with a dynamic, bold geometric form, reaching out over the valley, adding an element of excitement to the award-winning design.

Glacier Skywalk - Platform View - Our Explorers

The bird’s eye view is fully accessible people of all abilities, providing the most unique perspective of nature at its finest.

Check out this promotional video showcasing the awesome experience.

(Glacier Skywalk, Sturgess Architecture)

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