Cylindrical Glass Home Surrounds 40 Foot Fir Tree, Fuses Nature & Living

Glass Home - Fir Tree - Nature Living - Our Explorers

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A. Masow Design Studio’s unique home design is centered within the heart of a forest in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Their “tree in the house” concept is a gorgeous glass home that would be completely constructed around a single 40 foot fir tree, allowing the tree’s branches to stretch naturally, fusing nature with living space.

Glass Home Architecture Design - Nature Living - Our Explorers

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A circular glass façade envelops the entire trunk and branches, the transparent home artfully blending with its surroundings. The height of the home allows for beautiful tree top views and is a place for contemplation and peaceful solitude.

Glass Home Architecture Interior Design - Nature View - Our Explorers

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The home would be built using metal columns, along with plasterboard panels and concrete and wooded flooring. There is a staircase that winds around the tree, giving the home a tower like feel.

Glass Home Interior Design - Nature Living - Our Explorers

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Glass Home Interior Design - Fir Tree- Our Explorers

The project is estimated to cost £225,000 in an area where homes typically sell within the £625,000 range. The firm has been approached by private clients who are keen to have their own crystalline forest home.

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(A. Masow Design Studio)

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