Heroic Sisters Save 22 Lives, Mostly Children, When A School Bus Is Engulfed In Flames

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[the_ad id=”883″]A busload of people, most of which were school children, are alive and well thanks to two sisters.

Beth and Bettye Windom were driving behind a Claiborne County school bus when they spotted black smoke billowing from it.

They quickly attempted to grab the driver’s attention so he would pull over, flashing the car’s lights and waving their arms out of the window, but the driver failed to notice.

Eventually, the girls sped up, pulled in front of the bus and slammed on the brakes. The driver didn’t have a choice but to stop.

“We saw the school bus and it was smoking real bad,” Bettye Windom said. “We knew we had to get those kids out of the bus.”

The two sisters, with help from a few adult chaperones and the driver, guided the children to safety only moments before the flames spread, consuming the entire vehicle. All students escaped without serious injury.

School Bus Engulfed In Flames - PushBuzz

“It took three minutes after we got everyone out for the bus to burn down,” Windom, 24, told Yahoo! News.

Windom’s car was recently purchased, however she didn’t hesitate to sacrifice it to stop the bus, helping to save the lives of those on board.

“I would much rather save the kids than the vehicle,” she said. “A life means a lot more.”

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Thanks to their quick actions, the sisters may very well be responsible for saving the lives of more than two dozen people on board the bus.

After the incident, insurance appraisers determined that the damage to the bus was too extensive to salvage.

Heroic Sisters Save 22 On Bus - PushBuzz

“I don’t think I’m a hero,” Windom remarked. “I’m just thankful everyone was okay.”

(H/T Yahoo! News)

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