New High-Speed Rail Train Unveiled, Reaches Top Speed Of 200 MPH

Eurostar e320 - High-Speed Train Cab - Our Explorers

[the_ad id=”883″]Eurostar has unveiled a new fleet of high-speed rail trains, making them faster with a much more functional interior for passengers. Scheduled for launch at the end of 2015, Eurostar’s sleek new e320 train, named after its top speed of 320 kilometers-per-hour (200 miles-per-hour), will serve a new range of European cities, celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary.

Eurostar e320 - High-Speed Train Cab - Our Explorers

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“The trains have a new livery, a fantastic interior, 20 per cent more seats and offer Wi-Fi across the train. We’ve also doubled the amount of seats for wheelchair users,” said Eurostar chief executive Nicolas Petrovic.

High-Speed Rail Train Design - Our Explorers

The 17-train fleet was designed by Italian transport studio Pininfarina, which has worked with car manufacturers Ferrari and Maserati, outfitting the train with reclining seats and increased luggage storage, plug sockets and mirrors in seat backs with touch sensitive light controls that “combine elegance with functionality” in Business Premier class.

High-Speed Rail Train - Business Premier Class - Our Explorers

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“Having had ten consecutive years of growth, we are seeing a record demand for our services and the addition of new trains to our fleet will be key to our growth ambitions,” said Eurostar Chief Executive Nicolas Petrovic.

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“With just one year to go until our new e320 train comes into service, our passengers will soon see a complete transformation of our service.”

Eurostar e320 - High Speed Train - Our Explorers

By May 2015 the new trains will operate a new year-round service to Provence, Lyon, Avigon and Marseille. In late 2016 direct routes to Amsterdam with stops in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Schiphol are set to begin.

(Eurostar, Pininfarina)

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