Panoramic Views From Hilltop Home Are ‘Breathtaking’ And ‘Awe-Inspiring’


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[the_ad id=”883″] Gota Dam Residence is a collaboration between London-based practice Studio Seilern Architects and architect Muzia Sforza.

Commissioned by a musician, this home and recording studio featuring overhanging roofs, is perched on a rocky hillside overlooking a dam in a secret location in Africa.

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Home Architecture - Dam View - Our Explorers

Two pairs of timber slabs sandwich the 16,000-square-foot home, providing the main living spaces with much needed shade from the strong sun, also directing views to the artificial reservoir below.

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“The area is, to say the least, breathtaking and awe-inspiring, and deserved a piece of architecture that is equally awe-inspiring,” said the architects.

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“The cantilevered roofs and stretched terraces give the house the appearance of being gently floating above the rock.”

Home Architecture - Breathtaking View - Our Explorers

“The views and the drama of the granite cliff plunging into the dam were the inspiration for the concept, where oversized cantilevered roofs and extensive terraces frame the views and shelter from the vertical African sun,” they added.

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One side of the home features two glass boxes that sit between a pair of slabs, creating a double-height living space with a master bedroom suite and a pool of water on the lower level, and an open-concept dining area and lounge on the upper level.

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A curved wall leads out of the living space to an enclosed library and piano room.

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“They are transparent enclosures that again emphasize the views and the feeling of living within the surrounding landscape,” explained the team.

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“All elements are orientated in such a manner as to create physical adjacencies and visual privacy where required.”

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The house brings nature inside with one patio featuring planted trees that sit below circular skylights.

Home Architecture - Decked Patio Trees - Our Explorers

Extra bedrooms and bathrooms are found within a pair of granite-clad enclosures offset from the semi-covered area, blending with the rocky surroundings.

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Bruce Rowland and Angela Geddes are credited with the great photography.

(Studio Seilern Architects)

(Muzia Sforza)

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