Lion Pride Captured In ‘Primal’ Moment, Wins Photo Of The Year

Lion Pride - Wildlife Photo Of The Year - Our Explorers

[the_ad id=”883″]This year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year was awarded to Michael “Nick” Nichols, who captured a scene titled “Black and White,” a stark and haunting shot of a pride of lions resting on a rocky outcrop.

The photo was taken in Tanzania’s Serengeti Nation Park by Nichols, who has been chasing moments as an acclaimed photographer for the past 35 years. His shot, seen above, took this year’s title over 42,000 submissions from nearly 100 countries in a joint competition run by BBC Worldwide and London’s Natural History Museum.

Nichol followed the pride for six months, and said the lions even became accustomed to his presence. His photo was shot in infrared, adding that it “transforms the light and turns the moment into something primal, biblical almost.” One of his main goals was to capture the lions in such a way that they appeared to be from a time long since passed, a time when the creatures weren’t threatened the way they are today.

Scorpion - Young Photo Of The Year - Our Explorers

The competition also featured work from young photographers, with the 2014 grand title for Young Wildlife Photographer of the year going to eight-year-old Carlo Perez Naval from Spain. His photo, “Sunbathing at Dusk” (above), captures a scorpion basking in the late afternoon sun, brandishing its stinger, ready to strike.

This picture was also the young photographer’s first-ever attempt at a double exposure that included the sun, which works wonderfully.

There will be an exhibition tour featuring the winning photos, spanning six continents, and highlighting many other photos from entrants this year.

And..the adorable shot for the road.

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(Natural History Museum)