Lioness Rescues Cub From Sliding Down Cliff. Beautiful Example Of Motherly Instinct

[the_ad id=”883″]A lion cub has slid down the slide of a cliff, crying out for help.

The pride reacts quickly, the mum first down the cliff followed closely be the rest of the pride in an attempt to save the little guy before falling any further.

Instinct is an amazing thing. And it’s captured by a photographer, who’s at the right place at the right time.


A lion cub has slid off the side of a cliff, crying out for help to his mommy.


Mommy and other members of the pride are quick to react, scrambling to help their little one…


Mom is first to the rescue!


She picks the little one up, he’s safe with her now.


Mom shows some motherly love, no scolding today. It’s her job to keep him safe. 🙂

Life isn’t easy, but family comes before anything else.

This is the perfect example of instinctual love.