Lockheed Martin Aims To Inspire Kids To Become Future Astronauts

Lockheed Martin Space Program - Our Explorers

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The future of space travel can only exist if there are explorers. And for Lockheed Martin, its these astronauts that will pilot their future spacecraft.

To help inspire a new generation to become astronauts, Lockheed is launching a program called Generation Beyond, giving parents and teachers resources for middle school kids (grades 6-8) to get them excited about space-related science, math, and engineering.

Lockheed Martin Generation Beyond - Our Explorers

The Internet based curriculum introduces would-be spacefarers to the challenges of living in space (or Mars) to space exploration careers they can chase into the future.

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On October 4th, classrooms will participate in a special initiative in the form of a field trip to Lockheed’s Spacecraft Operation Simulation Center.

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There will be cash prizes up to $10,000 for students who produce the best videos explaining how they would design a Mars habitation module. The submission deadline is December 15th.

Interactive forms of education are common in the technology world. More recently, Apple even built an app that teaches kids how to code.

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However, when it comes to space, there hasn’t been much in the way of career development, as the path is long and indirect. For example, a number of astronauts have had military flight experience.

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With this space education program it’s clear that Lockheed is willing to develop interest and talent. It’s an easy investment now that will take off decades down the road.

(Lockheed Martin)

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