Nuclear Fusion Arrives Sooner Than Expected, Could Change Everything

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[the_ad id=”883″]Science fiction continues to become reality, with futuristic technologies once again showing the strength of our technological age. Skunk Works, a division of Lockheed Martin, has announced that they have created a compact nuclear fusion reactor that could revolutionize the way we use energy throughout the world.

When speaking with Aviation Week, Lockheed’s researchers spoke of a device they have been working on quietly, something that can produce clean, safe energy, with the ability to generate considerably more energy output than any machine or system in existence.

With traditional nuclear power being generated through fission, atoms are split to create energy. Fusion, however, combines atoms, making a much more stable form of energy.

Nuclear Fusion vs. Fission - Our Explorers

It’s been a challenge to perfect the technology in a widely functional scenario – until now. Skunk Works is estimating their technology concept as functional reality within a decade, and something that could be applied to existing tech, powering everything from cities to spacecraft.

The CFR, or Compact Fusion Reactor, is as small as a jet engine, a very important aspect of the technology, as a compact size drastically increases the potential for practical, less complex implementations. Up until now, reactor concepts have been massive, so large that they could only ever be used as something incredibly expensive and inflexible, like a power plant to power a city.

Back in the 1920’s scientists theorized that stars were powered by fusion, and the elusive ideas of fusion was born. Technologically speaking, Skunk Works abandoned all soviet-derived ideas and took development in an entirely new direction.

It sounds exciting, and sure, we’ve been let down by potentially life-changing technology failures before, however with Lockheed Martin running the project, this is a very tantalizing technology.

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With fusion, we’re on a path to a completely clean future, with little risk, and potentially unlimited power.

Mars in a month? I love the world we live in.

(H/T Lockheed Martin)

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