Company Plans ‘Ocean Spiral’, A Deep Sea Self-Sustaining City Of The Future


[the_ad id=”883″]Back in 2012 Obayashi Corp, a Japanese construction company, announced their plan to develop a space elevator by 2050 that would allow travelers to travel from Earth straight to space.

Now, Shimizu Corp., the company’s rival, has unveiled a grandiose project of their own, one that could help mankind by focusing their efforts a little closer to home.

Working on developing the design for two years, Tokyo-based Shimizu Corporation has unveiled blueprints that detail an underwater city, the world’s first, that could be completed in a just a few decades. The project, called Ocean Spiral, consists of underwater buildings that could each host 5,000 people, including research centres that could be used to excavate the seabed for energy resources.



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According to Shimizu Corp, Ocean Spiral would include a spherical structure with a diameter of roughly 500 metres that would float near the ocean’s surface.



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Beneath the sphere is a spiral pathway, allowing a connection to the excavation research centre on the ocean bed, approximately 3-4 kilometers below. In total, the spiral path would be about 15 kilometers long.


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Humans would live inside the 500 metre pod, with the spiral paths carrying resources from below, and ballast pods would protect the Ocean Spiral from the effects of strong currents.


The Ocean Spiral will create energy through temperature differences in ocean water, producing desalinated water using hydraulic pressure. Shimizu Corp. also said that fish farms would also be built around the structure.


“The ocean has an infinite amount of possibilities” and the Ocean Spiral could help mankind put them to practical use, Shimizu said.

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While the construction giant doesn’t presently have a scheduled construction timeline behind Ocean Spiral, it said that the research involved in development should help them develop new technologies.

The company has estimated the development cost to be about ¥3 trillion ($26 billion) to complete the Ocean Spiral project, with a development time of about 5 years once the details are ironed out.

(Shimizu Corporation)

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