Gorgeous Prefab Alpine Shelter Offers Incredible Panoramic Mountain Views

Skuta Alpine Shelter - OFIS Architects - Cabin - Our Explorers

[the_ad id=”883″] OFIS architects and AKY II have collaborated with students at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design to create and build a Slovenian based shelter with the ability to withstand extreme alpine conditions.

Designed with roofline inspired by the jagged mountain landscape, this modular structure can provide refuge to adventurers exploring Mountain Skuta.

Created with a function-first approach, the alpine shelter’s large windows perfectly frame brilliant views of the valley below, having been airlifted to its position atop the mountain by Slovenian Armed Forces.

Skuta Alpine Shelter - OFIS Architects - Glass Fiber Reinforced-Concrete - Our Explorers

With an exterior clad in ‘öko skin’ by Rieder – glassfibre reinforced concrete -the sharply angled alpine hut was designed to weather extreme climatic conditions and any unexpected catastrophes, shielding occupants from harsh winds and deadly landslides.

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The hut can house up to eight mountaineers at a time, and is comprised of three modules that were prefabricated offsite. The modules themselves were created using robust framing that were then braced together and anchored to the rocky mountain using “strategically placed pin connections”, minimizing the disburbance of the landscape while allowing for easy installation.

By choosing a modular design, the segments allowed for easy transport and also divide the interior.

Skuta Alpine Shelter - OFIS Architects - Mountain View Cabin - Our Explorers

Inside the hut, the interior is lined using natural, untreated wood, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in contrast to the cool mountain-grey concrete on its exterior.

Skuta Alpine Shelter - OFIS Architects - Modular Home - Our Explorers

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The first module contains an entrance and opens up into an area for storage and a small kitchen. The middle module includes a living area and the bedrooms, with the third module containing additional bunk bed sleeping areas.

Skuta Alpine Shelter - OFIS Architects - Landscape View Cabin - Our Explorers

The cabin’s gable end-walls have full-height triple-glazed windows as their face, calculated to withstand strong snow and wind forces, also offering incredible panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

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Skuta Alpine Shelter - OFIS Architects Cabin - Air Transport - Our Explorers

In just one day, the transportation and installation of the Alpine Shelter Skuta was completed with the help of sixty volunteers.

Skuta Alpine Shelter - OFIS Architects Cabin - New Home - Our Explorers

Skuta Alpine Shelter - OFIS Architects Cabin - Valley View - Our Explorers

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The new shelter was created to replace a 50-year-old bivouac. “Although the scale of the bivouac is small, the project required a lot of effort and planning from over sixty participants who were mostly volunteers and sponsors,” OFIS Architects writes.

Skuta Alpine Shelter - OFIS Architects Cabin - Amazing View - Our Explorers

“All would agree that, despite the small size, it was no less demanding than any large building project. However, all of the effort and planning for this small-scale project is meant to keep the memory, spirit and culture of the mountains as a special place for Slovenians.”

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“The hope is that the bivouac will serve as a shelter for all of the climbers who need it, and that through their care and attention the bivouac will continue to do so for many years.”

OFIS Architects - Alpine Mountain Cabin - Our Explorers

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