Redwood Forest Cabin Offers Beautiful Solitude, Immersion With Nature

Redwood Forest Cabin Design - Our Explorers

[the_ad id=”883″]Frank/Architects, an Oakland-based firm, designed and built this intimate contemporary cabin tucked away within the redwoods of California. The cabin, located within the Sea Ranch community of Sonoma County, is beautifully clad with vertically placed wood boards designed to mirror the tree trunks surrounding it.

Living in seclusion has a number of benefits, and with no risk to privacy, architects were able to treat the home’s interior to a clear and complete view of the outdoors through multiple large glazed openings.

Redwood Forest Cabin - Exterior - Our Explorers

Built upon the natural slope of the land, the cabin follows the landscape from the master bedroom down to the bright and lively living room.

Redwood Forest Cabin & Nature - Our Explorers

The sloping diagonal roof allows for a framed view of the woods and also increases the ceiling height for the bedroom and bathroom.

Redwood Forest Cabin Height - Our Explorers

With beautiful views and light top of mind, Frank/Architects’ window and skylight placements are strategic, adding to the warmth and natural feel of the home.

Redwood Forest Cabin - Beautiful Views - Our Explorers

Once inside, the height is immediately noticeable, along with nearly floor-to-ceiling window panels that show off an undisturbed view of the beautiful redwood forest, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living.

Redwood Forest Cabin Windows - Our Explorers

Tree trunk-like cylindrical columns support the interior beams, drawing the feeling of the outside forest indoors.

Redwood Forest Cabin Bathroom - Our Explorers

Frosted glass maintains privacy, with plenty of light from an upper window, along with a large shower and plenty of headroom.

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(H/T Frank/Architects)

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