Vertical Farm Is A Brilliant Combination Of High-Tech & Great Design


Sky Greens - Vertical Farm Tower - Our Explorers

[the_ad id=”883″] When it comes to farming food, the Sky Urban Vertical Farming System is innovative and takes production to new heights.

Sky Greens, a Sigapore-based company, has pioneered and designed their take on a vertical farming system, a clear revolutionary step forward, working towards the modernization of the ancient practice of argriculture.

By leveraging cutting edge technology, the system is highly energy efficient and is an environmentally friendly way to produce food. It is also an incredibly powerful system that could potentially be used to feed the growing, and increasingly urbanized, population around the world.

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For those who keep up on tech, you probably know that Sky Greens isn’t the first company to pursue vertical farming. However, the Sky Greens system is low carbon and designed using hydraulics – a world first for a vertical farm.

Sky Greens Vertical Farm System - Our Explorers

The vegetables are planted on rotating shelves that shift thoughout the day, allowing plants on lower shelves access to water and those on higher shelves to receive sunlight.

By using this vertical farming method, food production requires significantly less energy, land, and water in comparison to a ‘regular’ farm using the equivalent amount.

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From an efficiency perspective, the Sky Urban Vertical Farming System is able to produce at least a 10 times greater yield.

Sky Greens Vertical Farm Shelf - Our Explorers

To date, the Sky Urban system has been used primarily for Asian vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and nai bai, mainly due to the company’s position globally. However, it could easily be used to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables in cities around the world.

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Sky Green’s founder, Jack Ng, created the first prototype of the system back in 2009. To date, his company has received a number of awards and financial support from the Singapore government for its vertical farming system.

Sustainability innovators are also backing the Sky Greens system. The Senior Director for Sustainability at Philips Simona Rocchi, recently stated “we’ve seen many before, but [Sky Greens] is actually working and is at the top of its field. It is a brilliant combination of high-tech and great design thinking.”

Sky Greens - INDEX Award For Excellence In Sustainability Design - Our Explorers

Most recently, Sky Greens was honoured with an INDEX: Award for excellence in sustainability design. This prestigious award is given to projects that are eye-catching, practical and most importantly, help to improve the world.

(Index: Design to Improve Life)

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