Stray Dog Finds Helpless Kitten, Risking Everything, Refuses To Leave Her Side

[the_ad id=”883″]When animal control officers in Anderson, S.C. responded to a report of a shih tzu barking, they thought that she was stuck down in a ravine.

As it turns out, she was nursing and protecting a little abandoned kitten she had found.

Dog Licking Kitten - PushBuzzWhen the animal control officers climbed into the ravine to find the shih tzu, she was tangled within the briars. As they got closer they saw that Goldie was protecting a new friend: a little kitten nursing at her side.

Dog Cuddling Kitten - PushBuzz

Goldie could have left the kitten on her own, but she refused.

Dog Kitten Snuggling - PushBuzz

Both were taken to a shelter and remained inseparable. The dog continued to care for the kitten as her own.

Dog Carrying Kitten - PushBuzz
Dog And Kitten Kiss - PushBuzz

Dog And Kitten - PushBuzz

Eventually, both were adopted and welcomed into a foster home – together, of course.

Dog And Kitten Pose - PushBuzz

Dog And Kitten In Bed - PushBuzz

Dog And Kitten Cuddling - PushBuzz

There’s no place like home.

Dog And Kitten Posing - PushBuzz

The two are now in a foster home together.  This is a perfect example of how animals love – selfless.