Adorable Therapy Dog Is Little Girl’s Protector From Deadly Allergy

[the_ad id=”883″]Meghan Weingarth is a seven-year-old girl who is at risk of going into anaphylactic shock if she were to eat anything containing peanuts or almonds.

Meet LilyBelle, the Goldendoodle that keeps her safe, sniffing food for nuts, raising her paw as a warning if anything is risky.

LilyBelle identifies which foods contain nuts.

LilyBelle Goldendoodle - PushBuzz

She’s also company for Meghan during her hospital stays.

Meghan & LilyBelle The Goldendoodle - PushBuzz

They’ve been best friends since LilyBelle was a puppy.

LilyBelle - Goldendoodle Puppy - PushBuzz

Here is the first day LilyBelle officially worked with Meghan; playful and happy.

LilyBelle The Goldendoodle Playing - PushBuzz

Both are thankful to have one another.

LilyBelle - Goldendoodle Service Dog - PushBuzz

LilyBelle is even there for trips.

LilyBelle The Goldendoodle - Plane Ride - PushBuzz

Meghan also suffers from tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), a rare genetic disorder that is known to cause epilespy, seizures, and developmental delays.

LilyBelle has been trained to help with it all, no matter what.

Meghan’s mother was initially intimidated by the cost of a therapy dog for her daughter, however the community of neighbours, friends, and a fundraiser helped raise the money for LilyBelle.

Meghan’s bond with her dog was instantaneous and beautiful, LilyBelle with a full understanding that Meghan is her person.

With Lily by her side, Meghan actually smiled during a blood draw for the first time.

(H/T The Daily Mail)