Trapped Kittens Discovered In Apartment Wall. An Adorable Rescue Mission

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An apartment tenant in Dallas, Texas heard kitten cries coming from within her walls and immediately sought to rescue them.

The tenant contacted apartment maintenance day after day to report the sounds, eventually convincing them to make a small hole in the wall to investigate the sounds further.

Once the hole was made larger the meowing grew louder, and a over time a trapped kitten stumbled into view.

Phoebe helps the tenants look for the kittens

Trapped Kittens Discovered - PushBuzz

The kittens are lured out with wet food, it’s clear the mother is gone

Kittens Discovered - Given Wet Food - PushBuzz

With the kittens orphaned and scared, the hole was enlarged and the kitties were saved, one by one

Kittens Rescued - Saved One By One - PushBuzz

The two kittens certainly were hungry

Hungry Kittens Eating - PushBuzz

Soon they’ll go for a check up at the vet

Kittens - Vet Check Up - PushBuzz

The kittens are already looking much better, now that they’re free

Free Happy Kittens - Save & Sound - PushBuzz

(H/T Imgur)