Woman Loses Her Dog, Brings 200 Rescued Sloths Into Her Home

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[the_ad id=”883″]It all began when Monique Pool’s dog Sciolo went missing in 2005. She began the search for him, calling the Suriname Animal Protection Society to see if they had found him.

They said that they didn’t have Sciolo, but began telling her about a baby three-toed sloth, Loesje, who needed a new home.

She ended up taking him home right away.

“They’re very special animals to look at,” Pool says. “They always have a smile on their face and seem so tranquil and peaceful.”

Loesje died within only two years, but Pool felt compelled to help sloths in need, and started to build her network of contacts who could help her raise them.

Shortly afterwards, Pool was the go-to woman for sloth care in Suriname. If the zoo, the police, or the Animal Protection Society heard about a sloth, they would contact her.

It would not be uncommon for Pool to have one or two sloths pass through her home over a week, being released a few days after arrival, unless they were hurt and needed time to recover.

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Pool has a backyard enclosure for some of her rescued sloths, and at one point, she was caring for up to 200 of them.

“After a month we were close to 100, and at the end we got to 200,” Pool told BBC. “On some days I had 50 animals at my house. We had 17 babies at one point, being fed with droppers by volunteers.”

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Without Pool’s help, many of these sloths would die because their habitat is being destroyed by deforestation. Sloths are completely helpless on the ground, and Pool would find many of them there, or hanging from anything they could hold on to.

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Starting in June of this year, the majority of sloth rescues will be done by a new centre outside Paramaribo, where land has been made available by a tourism company.

We’re very happy to hear there will be further local support, and here’s a big thank you to Monique Pool for the time and energy she’s put into saving these beautiful creatures.

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(H/T BBC News)

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