World’s Largest Green Roof Is Unprecedented 30-Acres, Self-Sustaining

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[the_ad id=”883″] Rafael Viñoly and Olin Landscape Architects have unveiled their design for a proposed 30-acre elevated community park that would span from Apple’s Infinite Loop headquarters to their new spaceship-esque Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino, California.

The plans and designs were created by Rafael Viñoly and Olin Landscape Architects. The park itself is a massive green roof which is part of a renovation plan by Sand Hill Property Company for their Vallco Shopping Mall – a renovation that is worth $3 billion, rebranding the area to the Hills at Vallco.

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It’s an ambitious project to revitalize the area, designed to transform the failed shopping mall into a more complete and useful community, one that is highly sustainable and walkable. A bonus is the LEED Platinum certification.

World's Largest Green Roof - Open Space - Our Explorers

The largest feature of the Hills at Vallco design is its $3 million roof that would cover 30-acres, an unprecedended feat of enginneering that’s “at least twice as big as anything attempted before it.”

World's Largest Green Roof - Walking Trails - Our Explorers

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The innovative foothills design of the park would provide a massive 30 acres of recreational resources for the community, such as 3.8 miles of walking and jogging trails, meadows, vineyards, orchards and organic gardens, open play areas for children and a sancturary for native species of plants and birds.

World's Largest Green Roof - Plants & Trees - Our ExplorersThere would also a privacy buffer to the adjacent residential neighbourhoods provided by the design of the rolling hills, preservation of existing trees and the planting of new ones.

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Being environmentally-conceived, the Hills at Vallco will target LEED Platinum certification through its sustainable green roof, growing native, drought-tolerant and climate-responsive plants; all of which will provide natural ventilation and insulation, reducing the building’s energy demands, improving air quality and counteracting the heat island effect.

Recaptured rainwater and recycled water will also be used for park irrigation.

World's Largest Green Roof - Street Level - Our Explorers

Beneath the green area and down to street-level, there would be a mixed-use neighbourhood that would feature a downtown street-grid designed around walking and biking, connected by two town squares.

World's Largest Green Roof - Town Square - Our ExplorersTo maintain openness, parking would be tucked underground and there may be plans for a transit centre to be built at the shopping centre.

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The 15-block grid would be packed with 2 million square feet of office space, 800 residential units, and 625,000 square feet of retail.

World's Largest Green Roof - Town Square Entertainment - Our ExplorersThe residences would include 40 apartments for seniors, 80 affordable apartments, and 680 market-rate apartments.

The development would be very family-oriented, including many restaurants and entertainment options, such as a fitness club, an ice rink, a bowling alley, and an AMC movie theatre.

The town square may also be used for outdoor movie nights or to host farmers markets.

World's Largest Green Roof - Entertainment - Our Explorers

“There will be nothing like it when we are done,” Reed Moulds, Sand Hill managing director told Mercury News.

“We believe its community focus will make this a remarkable place to live, work, dine, play, learn, and recreate.”

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The Hills at Vallco design is the result of community feedback to address local needs and concerns.

San Hill will be contributing up to $40 million worth of amenities and  funding to local school districts, and upon project approval by the city, will spennd more than $20 million to construct a new 700-student elementary school.

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