Xinhee Design Center Appears Soft & Flowing, Inspired By Skin & Bones

Xinhee Design Center - Architecture Design - Our Explorers

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The new Xinhee Design Center in Xiamen, a Chinese coastal city, is a design inspired by human bones and sinew, giving the building a curvy, anthropoid shape.

Architecture Design - Xinhee Design Center - Our Explorers

Designed by MAD Architects, the building contains several sustainable features, including solar panels, sprawling gardens, and a sun-shading PTFE envelope.

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Xinhee Design Center - MAD Architects - Our Explorers

A central atrium is the heart of the building, with office spaces and six structures extending outward like arms.

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Each volume contains the offices of the group’s six subsidiary brands, each with their own office and research spaces, also allowing for collaboration between departments.

Xinhee Design Center - Concept Design - Our Explorers

The thin, PTFE envelope appears soft and flowing, protecting the interior while giving the appearance of being open and delicate.

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Xinhee Design Center - Architecture Interior - Our Explorers

The atrium is a public space that visually connects the offices throughout the levels of the building. This interaction extends to include the way office spaces relate to the outside gardens.

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Xinhee Design Center - Atrium Design - Our Explorers

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The first floor is mostly occupied by public green spaces and water features, with the upper floors used for office spaces. Smaller green areas are scattered throughout the building and roof.


Xinhee Design Center - Building Architecture - Our Explorers

These stacked gardens create a 100% green ratio, with the envelope allowing 40% of light through to the inner building. Solar panels will also capture enough energy to meet the Center’s daily usage demands.

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